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The Chartered Institute Of Certified Secretries & Reporters

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       Careers Prospects

      The profile of Certified Secretary and Reporter:


(a)        For avoidance of doubt, a CERTIFIED SECRETARY or VERBATIM REPORTER is an important employee in an organization, whose roles and responsibilities are the pivots on which administrative functions of office management are carried out and without which the responsibilities of most top executives and their managerial duties cannot be effective.

(b)      The Certified Secretary’s and Reproter’s role and responsibilities vary too much to describe in all-embracing details, as they vary from one organization to the other.

Two Factors account for this variance:-

- The level of intelligence, knowledge, exposure and personal development of the top executive(s) being served by the Secretary or to whom he is responsible.


- The level of the organizations development, motivation of human efforts to policies and attitude of top management towards the needless over emphasized importance of good secretaries and reporters.

(c)      The most important attributes of a Certified Secretary or Verbatim Reporter are his versatility, broad business knowledge, administrative and secretarial skills in a great variety of organizations.

(d)               The Institute has produced a brief of the Certified Secretary’s characteristics which rates him as an instrumental employee, whether in the public or private sector, bearing the title of Executive Secretary, Personal Assistant, Personal Secretary, Administrative Secretary, Verbatim or Official Reporter, or some similar designations.  There is always a common function and characteristic which include:-


(i)                 That he/she is a person well-trained and professionally qualified with mastery of office and administrative management techniques and possess intuition for instantaneous comprehension of ideas and issues on human and organizational behaviours.


(ii)               That he is a person who had adequate educational training and professional             

qualifications, having satisfied the standard set by the institute, is a registered graded member of the Institute of Certified Secretaries and Reporters.


      (iii)     Responsibility for competently organizing and managing an office.


       (iv)     Possesses self-confidence and the intellectual ability for general administration,  

including planning day-to-day activities of the Top Executive and the office,    assisting the Executive in achieving functions as well as overall goals, keeping proper records, receiving and politely handling visitors and projecting good image of the organization, proper human and public relations.


        (v)     The provision of services to management, including information and advisory

services, the preparation of correspondence and reports, design of procedural forms, the preparation of speeches and articles.


       (vi)     Management of office equipment and machines maintenance, and consultation with

key personnel of the organization on behalf of his/her executive for effective co-               ordination of effort towards achieving organization goals.

       (vii)   Supervision of junior and subordinate employees of his department or organization.


      (viii)   Responsibility for the arrangement of meeting, conferences including press   

conferences and taking shorthand notes of discussions and proceedings for final reports in the style of minutes of decisions and conclusions reached or in the style of verbatim representation.


        (ix)  Other important areas of work may include standing in for the executive in all

     routine duties of the office as well as making decisions in the absence of the       

     executive and in such ways and manners as the executive himself would have acted.            

     Also performing of assigned duties without fidgeting.


This is the career prospect of the Secretary of Verbatim Reporter in an organization; and important and strategic appointment for which the qualification of membership of the Institute of Certified Secretaries and Reporters is specifically designed,  recommended and recognized.