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The Chartered Institute Of Certified Secretries & Reporters

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              Aims and Objectives

The Institute of Certifies Secretaries and Reporters which had existed in the past twenty five years as a formidable professional body was founded to:


(a)    Promote standard in the education and practice of the profession


(b)    Correct anomalies in the conducts of practitioners which brought disrepute and

relegation to the profession.


(c)    Create more awareness on the relevance and values of the profession in the  

       scheme of things.


(d)    Standardize and harmonize the training curriculum to enhance the potentials of  

       secretaries and verbatim reporters in the vast areas of information technology and 

        behavioural sciences with a view to ensuring excellence in practice.



(e)    Broaden the curriculum of studies in the profession to include among others, skill

      in numeric and quantitative analysis.  This was to sharpen the decision making

      and support stimuli in the practicing professional secretary or verbatim reporter 

      whose main duty was to facilitate exchange of information.


In those days of our tedious beginning, the management of the Institute meticulously built an organization based on transparency, honesty of purpose, selfless sacrifice in service to humanity, accountability and above all successive continuity.  It was also necessary to comply with all legal requirements and principle of morality so as to ensure a formidable professional body with lasting legacy.


Thus an Institute that was founded in March 1981 patiently waited for the Federal Government of Nigeria and its various educational, security and legal agencies to be satisfied of ICSR genuineness and focus before accepting to register the Institute.  The Federal Executive Council in 1994 approved that the Institute be incorporated under CAM Act 1 of 1990 caps 26 by limited guarantee with the consent of the then Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice (Chief Clement Akpamgbo, SAN).


By 1995, we vigorously began a quest for an Act to further empower the Institute as a professional body setting and promoting standards to  regulate the practice of the profession.  During the Military era, our quest for a Decree did not fully materialize though the process was advanced to near conclusion.  The new democratic dispensation gave breathe of life to the long expected legislation.  The House of Representatives through its Speaker and Deputy House Leader in the first legislative tenor of the fourth republic, sponsored the HB231 Bill for an Act to establish the Chartered Institute of Certified Secretaries and Reporters as per gazette No. 77 Vol.89 of August 2002.  The process was not completed before the expiration of that legislative tenor but it was continued to the extent that the House of Representatives unanimously passed the law on 24th February 2005. The Senate has had the first and second successful readings of the Bill on its floor for concurrence passage on the third reading to be followed with the assent of the President and Commander-in-Chief.  The senate had, on the Committee level, held interactive session with stakeholders in the profession.