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The Chartered Institute Of Certified Secretries & Reporters

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                                    The Institute`s Challenges

The world had been dynamic from creation and from generation to generation.  The new millennium does not only pose challenges but demands greater commitment of excellence which is the hallmark of professionalism.


The individual as a professional need self recognition, self-pride, self-acceptance and self motivation.  These must be built under the canopy of intelligence and knowledge of occupational base for the benefit of humanity.  It is now obvious that professional versatility and enhanced specialization in occupational skills are required to ensure sustained success in the emerging new world order of information technology.  The professional organizations and bodies like ICSR will require committed specialists to upgrade standard and enhance their relevance in socio-political and economic spheres.  To these extents, ICSR has overviewed the present and now looks forward to its future challenges.



                     The preventive Steps

Fundamental steps have been taken in the present circumstances of our Institute to meet the challenges of the future.  These steps include.


(i)              Clearly defined and focused objectives based on public needs and interests.


(ii)            Establishment of organizational structures aimed at continuous development of the

Institute and the economy in general.


(iii)            Identification of immediate and future needs.  The immediate and future needs of our organisation demand the cooperation of government, the general public and our members. For example:


(a)        The public should understand the role and use only the services of Certified Members of our profession in order to derive maximum benefits of excellence and productivity.  There are too many non-professional secretarial personnel in the profession now.


(b)        The members of the profession must be conscious of the ethics and standards set by the Institute in order to render service with confidence and reliability to humanity.


(c)        Above all transparency and integrity in professional practice have been made the watchword of ICSR membership certificates