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The Chartered Institute Of Certified Secretries & Reporters

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In the early days of ICSR existence, it was difficult to find a University in Nigeria running degree programme in Secretarial Administration.  We are glad that the intensive efforts and expensive activities we conducted in curriculum review and development brought reasonable modernization to the profession.  More than 80% o the Universities in Nigeria and 100% of the Polytechnics, Colleges of Technology and Education now run degree, advanced diploma, diploma and certificate courses in secretarial administration.


In the year 2002, the Institute opened discussions with some Federal and State Universities to commence Master and Post graduate Diploma programmes in Secretarial Administration.  We have also explored the possibility and attained remarkable progress in discussing collaborative programme with two first generation Federal Universities to commence Official Reporters Course to supplement the efforts of the Government manpower development centers.  We believe that the Verbatim/Official Reporters function in Nigeria as in elsewhere can only become a recognised, respected profession when it is popularized and known beyond the confines of Government institutions and circles.  Academic impetus need to be accorded stenographic verbatim and official reporting to make it a profession.