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The Chartered Institute Of Certified Secretries & Reporters

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                              WHO CAN BE A MEMBER


There are three categories of members admitable into different classes and grades of membership in accordance with Council regulations.


1.            Professional Members- Are persons who have qualified and are employed as secretaries or verbatim reporters in any office in the public or private sector of the economy.  


                The registration and membership grade of such persons are usually based on approved and recognized previous academic training and qualifications and the responsibility of office held. Professional members also include registered students who qualify through the Institute’s training and qualifying examination. 


                  Plans were being concluded to ensure that all professional members pass qualifying examination of the Institute from year 2001 before direct admission to graded membership.  Exception to this rule will be limited on personal merits.



2.   Honorary Members:- Are persons who are interested in the arts and science of secretarial  

      and/or reportorial skills and wish to be involved therein by learning the skills or those 

      who are in love with the profession and its contributions and wish to support, encourage 

and contribute towards the promotion and growth of the profession.  Honorary members are however not eligible to vote and their decisions and opinions expressed to the Institute are only advisory.



3.   Corporate Members: Are corporate bodies, companies and associations, associating with 

the Institute with a view to benefiting from its services and/or who employ secretarial and reportorial personnel and wish to enhance their employees’ effectiveness through the services rendered by the Institute provided they are willing to voluntarily contribute toward the well being and continued existence of the Institute.


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